Before puppies go home, at 8 wks. of age, they have received their 1st vaccination of Parvovirus (Nobivac)  then I begin the 5-way series (Galaxy Canine 1-DAPPv). You will need to get a 2nd round in this series at 9 wks. of age. Then follow up with a final 3rd round by 12 weeks of age.  The Rabies vaccine will be given at the 12-16 wk. mark by your veterinarian as well. It is extremely important to safeguard your puppy until he or she has received the final round of immunizations. Do not visit public places where other dogs have been.  Your puppy is not protected from disease until he/she has finished their 4-step vaccination series. This includes such places as Petsmart, Murdochs, pet parks, even your veterinarians office.  My puppies are taken in a crate or held in our arms to receive their first puppy visit at 7 wks. of age.

Deworming with Pyrantel & Paomote, will also have been done at 4, 6, & 8 wks. of age. 


IDENTITY: I recommend micro-chipping as well as a collar with your name & phone # on it for your new pet. Many people will return a pet whose tagged but keep a pet who is not. Micro-chipping has helped pets & owners find one another 6 or more months later.

I begin feeding Purina Pro Plan Puppy  to my puppies at 5 1/2 weeks of age (samples will be given with your puppy).  I free feed my puppies, for optimal growth.  *Less stress is put on a puppy when they continue with the same puppy food they are accustomed to.  To encourage your new puppy to eat for the first few days until they feel more comfortable you can smear cottage cheese, plain yougurt, canned Proplan puppyfood etc. on their kibble.

*Puppies easily become stressed from many different things such as more commotion then he or she is used to, children playing too hard, other household pets, too many new people being introduced.  Not unlike human children, these puppies need to eat proper check with your vet but i reccomend 3 to 4 x a day (works best until they are more accustomed to their new home), and sleep several times throughout the day.

If you choose to change dogfood brands, wean them out gently. It is a 6 day process of adding a little more each day of the new variety. By day 7, your puppy will be strictly on the new.

TOYS:  Having a variety of different toys will help to entertain your puppy when you can't be present.  Once toys have been damaged from extensive chewing dispose of them before they become ingested by your dog.

***German Pointers do well with all toys, fetching ones especially. Make sure the toy is large enough that it does not become a choking hazard.


I am confident in my ability of sending you a puppy well adjusted for your home. From the time our puppies are born, they are handled daily and called by name, once I or you have appointed them one.  It's been said puppies feet must touch at least 7 different textures by the age of 8 wks.  We expose them to at least 8. 
*To make the transition to your home the least amount of stress on everyone, please read and carefully follow our instructions below.  I am not an expert but having raised puppies for most of my life ,I  have gained much needed knowledge. 

BATHING: Baths are given at least twice and nails trimmed. I use human toenail clippers on my puppies. In continuing these efforts, bathing should always be a bonding time rather than a battle. 

80% of puppies have bad teeth by the age of 3. We recommend you buy healthy treats such as: Greenies, Milkbones or rawhides which help eliminate the tartar and bad breath. Rawhides need to be supervised so that your dogs doesn't choke.  A good quality food can also do much good in this area.

Toys of all kinds, soft to tough, help eliminate the different types of plaques with accumulate on their teeth.

*February is Pet Dental Month, meaning less expensive rates.

  Remember, a new puppy will need many little naps throughout the day. This would be a good time to introduce him or her to it's crate. If you have multiple floors in your home, a crate with a comfy bed is nice for your pet on each floor. When he/she is tired they can curl up securely at any time and nap.

My puppies 1st begin eliminating on puppy pads   and very quickly pick up how to use a puppy-door (pet door) for their duties thereafter. Upon coming home to you & their "new" surroundings, they will need to learn your accomadations. Give them a small washable area (laundry room, kitchen or bathroom) of confinement 1st, when you are unable to watch them. Nearly every 2 hours you will need to take your puppy outdoors. Go with them so they don't feel as if they're in trouble. Remind him or her to "Potty". Shortly after waking, eating or playing are also critical times. Using a crate beside your bed can be very helpful as well. The crate also doubles as a safe haven for trips to the vet.