How I Became a Breeder

   My parents started out with one pug. They bred her to one of their friends males and had their first litter. Those puppies brought joy to my family. I was around 3 at the time and my mom had told me all the joy that pug brought, Lucy was her name. My family loved that litter so much my parents bought a couple different breeds, such as Westies, Basset Hounds, Bulldogs, and Standard Aussies. Later on my parents narrowed our breeds to English Bulldogs, Toy Aussies, and Miniature Daschund's. Over the years I have figured on getting a little bit larger dogs. I bought my first German Pointers in 2014. My stud dog Skeeter, and my dam Olive. I will glady raise dogs for a career because of all the good times they bring.

My family has been raising dogs for a little over fifteen years now. Before then my parents always had pet dogs. I decided to start my business to spread the joy that these wonderful animals bring. Of course I started out smaller just like the majority of businesses do. But I keep putting more time into my business and it has definitely been worth it. Customers write back saying how much they love their little companions. Sometimes people even return to buy another little buddy from me. I take great pride in my business and strive to put forth the best puppies I can.

My first dog was a toy aussie named Tootsie Roll. I bought her from my mother in 5th grade. From there I kept two of her daughters and had bought a couple more aussies. I have raised many of my own personal litters and I have helped with my parents litters as well. Not only have I been around dogs my whole life, I have also learned how to raise litters and produce a happy and healthy puppy for those seeking a puppy. You could say raising dogs are what I know best.